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  • Located: 1549 Bayly St, Pickering Ontario, Canada L1C4W8
  • E-Mail: sales@groundedconceptz.com
  • Toll free:1-800-447-8449

Frequently Asked Questions

Grounded Conceptz has shipping hubs and locations throughout Canada and the US.  A buyer in either country can rest assured that there order will not fall victim to any Duty, Brokerage or import charges and will get to them in a timely manner.  The ability to work cross border allows GC to offer each and every customer the most aggressive price and the best selection.

We currently offer many levels of sponsorships ranging from partial to full sponsorship. To qualify, please complete the fields in our online form.
All fields must be completed in order to be considered. We will review all information provided, and will contact you if we are interested in sponsoring your vehicle. Sponsorships will be given to individuals and team members based on goals, presentation, media exposure, etc

Yes, We most definitely do.  Simply send a message or give us a call before placing your order and we can quote out several variations of expedited shipping for your order.  We believe in getting your item to you fast and we will help you find the most economical method to do that.

GC’s product line is expansive and is far bigger than we can simply host on this site.  If you don’t see a line listed, or your vehicle or a part listed, please reach out to us.  More likely than not, we have the item and probably at a better deal than the other guy.

If you are local to Grounded Conceptz’s retail facility in the Greater Toronto Area then you can take advantage of GC’s great installation services.  We have the ability to install virtually any item purchased through us.  If you are not in the immediate area simply reach out to us and more likely than not we will be able to refer you to a great installation facility in your local area.

Each warranty offer varies per item.  All warranties are covered by the stated manufacturer’s warranty.  If you have an issue, contact us and we will help you work through the issue.

Yes.  We have a complete WD program.  Reach out to us today to see if you qualify.

GC will only accept a return or exchange through our RMA process.  If you have an issue, reach out to us and we will help solve it.  

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